Para Pemilih muda Indonesia yang Cerdas dan Aktif


Rock The Vote Indonesia is a non-partisan organization consolidated in February 2012 by Center for Election and Political Party, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Indonesia. It is a movement to take part in the Indonesian Democratic Transition post the fall of authoritarian regime at 1998.

Voter education among young voter (17-29 age group) became our major concern due to the level of voter apathy. The number of apathy has been increasing in every General Election since 1999, the latest voters turn out in 2009 General Election is only 71%. In the upcoming 2014 General Election, around 53 milion young voters will be involved. This is a huge number and we need to do something about it.

We are inspired by Rock The Vote International, they empowered young voters to get involved in political process and how they used technology, popular culture, and other multimedia tools to access the millennial generation. We realized using popular culture are the most effective way to reach young generation. Similar to Rock The Vote international, Rock The Vote Indonesia’s has a mission to increase the participation of young people in political process.  Our goals are to get young people interested, involved, and invested in any political party that suits them and also prepared them to be Indonesia’s leader in future.

Since we are a non-partisan organization, we are here to disscuss, inform and educate young voters but not to influence them in particular political belief or ideology. Our hope is that we can mobilize young people to participate in every election. We hope to duplicate the success story of Rock The Vote in United States, Canada, Philliphines and Chile.

Twitter: @rockthevote_id

Website: http://www.rockthevoteindonesia.org